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To: The Secretary General of the UN, the President of the USA, the Secretary General of NATO, the President of the EU and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Stop the cultural genocide of Macedonia and Macedonians

Stop the cultural genocide of Macedonia and Macedonians

We call upon world leaders to respect Macedonia's right to self-determination and to stop the Prespa Agreement and the policies of institutional discrimination and de-legitimisation which lead to cultural genocide which no nation on earth would or should accept.

Why is this important?

The unethical political elites in the UN, USA, NATO, the EU and Australia are imposing an illegal, anti-constitutional, unsustainable and dangerous Prespa Agreement on the Republic of Macedonia. It seeks to force Macedonia to change its name, language, identity and culture in order to possibly become a third class member of the undemocratic and dysfunctional NATO and the EU. This has created a new political crisis which can destroy the Republic of Macedonia and make it subservient to the Hellenic Republic which does not even recognise the Macedonian people, identity or their culture. The Prespa Agreement was rejected by over 61% of eligible voters in Macedonia on 30 Sept. 2018 and is legally null and void. Over 137 countries have recognized the Republic of Macedonia under its Constitutional name. Despite this, the arrogant denialists at the UN, USA, NATO and the EU are using a puppet government in Macedonia to deliver their nasty agreement.

We, the Macedonians, are the traditional indigenous owners of the land and civilisation known from Biblical times as Macedonia.
We categorically reject foreign interference in Macedonia’s democracy.

We do not consent to the signing and implementation of the so called Prespa Agreement through bullying, blackmail and bribes in the Macedonian Parliament and against the democratic wishes of the Macedonians.

We do no accept the Prespa Agreement to take away our name, identity, language and culture. We will not accept their blackmail and their offer for us to commit cultural genocide. We will protect and defend the Republic of Macedonia and our connection to it.

We call upon all good citizens in the world including Australia, USA, Canada, Europe and the Indo-Pacific to help protect the sovereign Macedonian state, people and culture from cultural genocide in the making.

Reasons for signing

  • I have signed this petition in order to stop the cultural genocide of Macedonia and Macedonians.


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