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To: Minister for Education James Merlino

Act now! Chainsaws start felling 229 trees on old high school site on Monday Oct 24, 6.45am

Act now! Chainsaws start felling 229 trees on old high school site on Monday Oct 24, 6.45am

Dear Minister
please halt the felling of some 229 of our treasured trees, on the site of the old Sandringham Secondary College in Beaumaris, Vic. Many trees are over 200 years old. Developers are to start the chainsaws at 6.45 am, Monday October 24. Stop. Please consult with the community first. Please allow an open, independent review of the reports. Why has this been kept a secret? Bayside City Council has a unique, green overlay in this area and is very strict regarding tree removal and is opposed to the use of chainsaws to slaughter 72 of the trees. Murray Thompson MLA for Sandringham: "Such a program will not replace the 200 year old River Red Gums and other mature vegetation which provides an important corridor habitat for native birds and wild life. Such trees are not available at Bunnings. (ie.replacement trees are offered)
Beaumaris is defined by its trees. No trees should be removed without specific justification for works to proceed or on the basis of independent analysis of the arborist’s report. "
Beaumaris Conservation Society: "Citizens wearing red - to show anger - at the school site at 6:45 - 7am on Monday, 24 October 2016 will deplore the 229 trees' axing, after Government's secretive, anti-environment prelude to its attack."
We know a lot of the green open space will give way to a new school, cricket pitches, club rooms etc. Whist the initiative to create a wonderful school is appreciated please explain why we have to lose so many significant trees? I believe that only the Minister can veto this action. We hope you will listen to the electorate.

Why is this important?

A lot of Cockatoos and other birds use the trees. Many of the trees are along the boundary fences. Some believe that their removal is simply for the ease of construction work. We are being force to accept the loss of green open space but do we have to lose the trees too?

Another case of The State Premier, Daniel Andrews dismissing his voters out of hand. Minister Merlino, we hope you will listen to the electorate and warn him of his folly.

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  • Because I'm sick of developers...
  • Beaumaris needs to retain its green image, this is not necessary.


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