To: Victorian Transport Minister

Stop the Ads blaring on Melbourne's railway platforms

Stop the Ads blaring on Melbourne's railway platforms

Tell Metro Trains to silence the advertising

Why is this important?

When waiting for a train on the way home from the city, commuters may wish to talk to their friends, talk on the phone, listen to a podcast or just stand in peace after a long day at work. Is that too much to ask?

We are already bombarded by visual advertisements, but loud advertisements prevent us from working or relaxing.

We the undersigned call on the Transport Minster to instruct Metro Trains and PTV to silence advertising on platforms and in trains.

This is not on.

Reasons for signing

  • Being bombarded by absolute trash, some of which advertises extremely unhealthy and socially unacceptable behaviour, when one can't escape this and has no choice it makes me wonder where the democratic rights that we supposedly hold so dearly have been dragged its akin to brain washing and I feel sick thinking about How this is affecting other people as well
  • Horrible experience. 30 metters below the steet and locked in a concret bunker with slabs of Ch 7 news and adverts. Can't I sit quietly and be alone with my thoughts or talk quietly to someone?
  • this obnoxious 1984 rubbish must stop. as if the train service wasn't bad enough now after a hard day at the office we are sold as advertising units. Isn't my exorbitant fare enough?


2015-11-26 14:28:21 +1100

Public Transport Victoria has allowed Metro trains to sell my attention to advertisers - without my consent.

Flagstaff Station has been configured so all the seats are opposite the screens and speakers.

Speakers still going full bore.

No one would object if the screens were silent with captions. You could watch it if you wish ordo other things if not - like talk to a friend, listen or read. If your train is 3 or more minutes away, you will hear the same adds over again, oh and the same ads as yesterday - in case you missed them.

2015-08-30 16:39:37 +1000

The new government has settled in and so Metro Trains are more confident they will get away with the theft of our aural environment in the loop stations. They have pumped up the volume of their inane advertisements louder than ever. Even headphones can't block out the sound of these looping ads.

Perhaps they will reduce the volume again before the next election like they did for the last election.

Metro Trains could broadcast the sound channel over wifi. Op-in Hah!

In a related theft, the AFL has taken over the aural space of the MCG. It is now impossible to have a conversation during a break at the footy. Fans are no longer turning up for games.

Thanks to the hundreds of people who have added their name to this petition.

Please share on facebook if you can.

If we make enough noise we can stop the noise for good.


2014-10-27 12:02:03 +1100

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing this petition to stop the ads blaring at railway platforms. I am stoked that over 200 people have signed just from a few emails, and many of you have left supportive comments.

But I honestly think that we can get to 300 signatures if we share this campaign with your networks.

I believe this will help make the politicians take notice. With the "transport" election fast approaching we will only get one chance to extract a commitment from politicans to keep our journeys free from blaring ads. Otherwise we will be at the mercy of organisations that profit from out loss.

Thanks again to everyone who signed and especially for sharing the campaign to help maximise the impact.

Chris Goodman (Commuter)

2014-10-21 22:10:08 +1100

100 signatures reached

2014-10-19 19:19:14 +1100

50 signatures reached

2014-10-19 16:33:31 +1100

25 signatures reached

2014-10-19 15:26:09 +1100

10 signatures reached