To: The NSW Government

STOP the 3rd freight line SAVE our health and village

STOP the 3rd freight line SAVE our health and village

Ensure the noise and other freight train pollution is within World Health Organisation safe limits
Genuinely explore alternatives that avoid the current choice of carving up 2119

Why is this important?

The noise from freight trains is already over 100dB causing significant harm
Coal dust and mining chemicals are increasingly recognised carcinogens - they come past our homes and schools
Property values will slump as the noise and pollution increases
Construction activity and depots throughout 2119 for years
Contrary to law they have predetermined the Environment Impact Assessment
They are only proceeding because the federal government is paying $3/4billion
The case for a third line does not stand up to basic engineering, logistics, and infrastructure best practice scrutiny

How it will be delivered

We are not proud of the fact that our Government and local MP, Greg Smith, has become beholden to sectional construction interests. The Project team and the federal government has already admitted publically that the3rd line is going ahead – this predetermined approach is contrary to law. And we will fight it, beginning with delivering our messages. After the petition and arguments have been heard, we have legal resources instructed to act if necessary.