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To: Restaurants and cafés in Newtown

Stop single-use takeaway containers in Newtown!

Stop single-use takeaway containers in Newtown!

Dear restaurants and cafes in Newtown,

We're calling on you to accept and promote the use of reusable containers to reduce your level of waste contribution.

By allowing customers to bring their own reusable containers, and having reusable containers available for customers to purchase, you would be taking important steps to reduce your contribution to waste.

Why is this important?

Waste is a huge problem, both in Australia but also globally.

In Australia, we throw away enough packaging waste to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground nine times over. A large part of this waste comes from single use takeaway containers. While some are recyclable, many are not – and whether or not people actually do recycle those containers is whole other story.

There’s been a huge uptake by cafes and individuals of reusable take-away coffee cups, which is fantastic. But single-use take-away containers are just as much an issue, and reusable containers are a comparable solution to Keep Cups.

Packaging waste ends up in our oceans and rivers, harming our marine and wildlife. It's also a climate change issue, as it ends up in landfill emitting greenhouse gases which are cooking our climate.

Reusable containers are a logical, simple solution to reducing waste to take care of our wildlife and our planet.

Reasons for signing

  • We only got ONE WORLD!
  • Our streets,parks creeks and oceans have become junk yards.Plastic NEVER goes away,no matter what the Chemical industry says.
  • Because I care!


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