To: the Western Australian government

Stop shark culling!

Stop shark culling!

Dear The Western Australia government,
Please stop the shark culling in WA. It is not humane for the Western Australian government to be okay with killing all these sharks! You are being extremely prejudice. Have you ever met a shark? People are entering the sharks natural habitat at their own risk, and they have paid the price.
How would you feel if a stranger walked into your home? You would get scared wouldn't you? You are killing sharks at a faster rate than they can recover!

Killing sharks is something based on emotion rather than of scientific research.
Lets listen to science and END the slaughter.
It's their home and we will ALWAYS be the visitors.

Magnificent. Maligned. Misunderstood

Why is this important?

Sharks are essential to maintaining the natural balance of oceans ecosystem.

Sharks prevent prey from over-grazing vital habitats.

Sharks are worth MILLIONS in tourism revenue.

Sharks are good indicators of ecosystem health.

How many sharks are getting killed a year? 100 million! By who? US, and you and I know we don't want that on our conscience.
How many people are killed a year by sharks (in Australia) ? Over the past 50 years, there is an average of 1 a year. The chance of you being killed by a shark is 1 in 3,748,067. As Australia's population is around 21 000 000. then there is a 6 in 21 000 000 chance that you will be the person being declared dead after a shark attack. You have more chance of dying from a ballpoint pen or getting stung by a bee etc.
Wouldn't it be better to spend tax payer's money on education?

Why does the WA government even have rights to kill these sharks? Sharks are protected!

Reasons for signing

  • coz there cool
  • i singed because i think it is our fault we are going to there home
  • I am doing this issue at school and realised it is way to important to go unnoticed. FOR OUR FUTURE!


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