To: Sensis

Stop sending phone books to everybody

Stop sending phone books to everybody

Dear Sensis,
Please, stop sending phone books to everybody. Hard copy phone books should be opt in strictly. I'm sure the small investment you will need to let the vast minority of people who actually still use the books that they now have to opt in would have to be less than the cost of printing and distributing even one year of unwanted books to everybody, and the next year it is pure saving. Not to mention the environmental strain of trees/printing/distribution. Please, please stop.

Why is this important?

Last financial year alone, Sensis printed and distributed over 20 million phone books. Of these, I estimate roughly 73 end up getting used at all. The environmental impact of this cannot be denied considering the whole manufacturing and distribution process. Despite the public's understandable disdain for the practice, Sensis have no plans to stop. It makes me mad as hell. If it makes you mad, please sign up and let your friends know.