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Stop Puppy Farms!

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Angel Indrawan
Stop Puppy Farms!

Dear Prime Minister,
please make stronger laws on breeding puppies so we could end the horrendous puppy farms. There are female dogs who suffer from over- breeding and it is awful for them since they had not given any chances to rest between litters. They are not given any freedom at all.

These dogs are living in unhygienic living conditions and in tight, cruel cages. They are given unclean water and dirty foods. Just imagine living there.

No freedom and no hope to see the beautiful world they are living in, these dogs deserve better. We need to stop puppy farming.

Why is this important?

When puppies are born in puppy farms, the owner will try to sell it for profit. It could be through online, newspapers or even through pet shops. RSPCA estimated that 95% of puppies sold in pet shops are born in puppy farms. Also, if you buy a puppy born in a puppy farm, you are possibly getting a sick puppy. In puppy farms, they do not care about the puppies and dogs' health, they just want money.


Reasons for signing

  • to stop puppy farms
  • i signed because no animal deserves to be treated the way they are because they are as important as anyone else
  • I wanted to be apart of the difference :)


2015-04-12 19:58:18 +1000

100 signatures! Thank you so much! If you want to buy a puppy, buy them from a reputable breeder or consider adopting one.
Keep up the hard work! :)

2015-04-11 04:43:26 +1000

100 signatures reached

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2014-11-04 20:44:09 +1100

30 signatures! thanks so much guys! Our goal is now 40.
keep it up guys!

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2014-10-20 20:10:00 +1100

Twenty signatures! Thank you very much! Our goal is now thirty.
Please watch this video. This video is not mine in any way.

2014-10-08 16:09:23 +1100

We have reached 10 signature! Thank you very much who signed this petition.

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