To: Vodafone, Optus & Owners of 9 Lomond Terrace

STOP Proposed Mobile Phone Base Station at 9 Lomond Terrace, East Brisbane

We the undersigned ask that the Vodafone, Optus and the owners of 9 Lomond Terrace, East Brisbane, cease their plans to construct a mobile phone base station (10 panel antennae) on the rooftop and surrounds of 9 Lomond Terrace, East Brisbane.

The proposed facilities will not be “low-impact” visually, and could adversely affect property values. Many residents already have a very close view of the proposed site from their apartment balconies or windows (in some cases the 5.8M tower (12 meters from the ground) will block current suburban views of the area for many property owners). The tower is completely inconsistent with the architecture and feel of the community and will be an eye sore. There have been a number of recent studies in respect to the effect mobile phone towers have on property as below which can be up to a 20% reduction.

The residents of East Brisbane believe the proposed installation does not sit well with the precautionary principle of minimising exposure to electromagnetic radiation (“EMR”). The current Australian standard is based on thermal effects (i.e. heating of body tissues), but does not take into account all non-thermal, biological effects from long-term exposure (1). On the other hand, the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe considered that biological effects on the human body may exist even at levels below the current official safety limits (2). Scientists and doctors worldwide have urgently called for much stricter EMR standards, as more emerging evidence points to serious health risks of EMR, including cancer and neurological disorders (3). The World Health Organisation has classified EMR as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), and many European countries have trialled or set EMR standards much lower than Australia (4).

References: [1] Maisch D, Setting Exposure Standards for Telecommunications Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation, 2010. [2] Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Resolution No. 1815, May 2011. [3] International Scientists Declaration, 9 July, 2014; Seletun Scientific Panel, Norway, 2010; The Venice Resolution, 6 June, 2008. [4] These countries include Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Greece and Poland.

There are 13 existing mobile phone base stations in and around East Brisbane. Note that almost all of these locations are on major roads in principally commercial premises. This is of critical importance as people do not spend the majority of their time (including sleep and leisure time) in commercial premises; and, as such, this limits their EMR exposure and the eye sore of mobile phone towers. As we understand the matter, the intent of the Carriers to is increase the service level for the Woolloongabba and East Brisbane area. If this is the case, there appear to be plenty of alternative sites that better balance the needs of the community and the Carrier’s desire to sell better service for its consumers.

Why is this important?

Brisbane is undergoing a rapid expansion of mobile phone towers as carriers like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone attempt to offer better service coverage for mobile phone users. However, these carriers have both moral and legal responsibilities that should not be overlooked or de-priotised in the pursuit of business objectives or an owners personal gain at the expense of their street and community.

It is our position that the Carriers have breached the Code by failing to sufficiently inform the community of the project and placing the consultation period over school holidays (both of which would naturally minimize negative feedback).

Further to this, in the absence of information to the contrary, constructing such major infrastructure on a residential street is an additional breach of the code to minimise electromagnetic energy exposure, particularly where there appears to be multiple alternatives that the Optus and Vodafone do not appear to have considered.

Reasons for signing

  • United Nations will be examined 2017 for unsafe emr information.


2017-01-24 11:42:07 +1100

Vodafone and Optus have refused to consider co-locating their proposed facility with Telstra's existing infrastructure at 27 Norman Street, East Brisbane. Surely this would be a far better option for the community and the carriers given they can leverage existing Telstra infrastructure and East Brisbane doesn't have to be subjected to yet another mobile phone tower in the middle of 5 schools and day care centers.

2017-01-24 11:39:00 +1100

Optus and Vodafone have recently responded to one of our members citing that a number of alternative proposed sites are not suitable due to their "lack of height". One astute member has discovered that Vodafone were actually intending to place the infrastructure close to one of these sites previously - it seems Vodafone and Optus are providing "alternative truths" to the community to suit their own coverage goals at the expense of the community.

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In addition to signing the petition you can also contact our local council members or Vodafone and Optus as below to make your voice heard:-

Vodaphone / Optus
Company: CPSGlobal Contact
Name: Saba Salim
Address: PO Box 408, Moffat Beach QLD 4551
Phone: 0414 109 224

Local Member
Councillor Jonathan Sri
The Gabba Ward Office
2/63 Annerley Road (Cnr Crown Street)
Woolloongabba Qld 4102
Phone: 07 3403 2165
Fax: 07 3403 2168