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To: Australian House of Representatives

Stop PM Scott Morrison's USA visit to meet racist Trump

Stop PM Scott Morrison's USA visit to meet racist Trump

In view of the US President's historic and recent use of racism to divide his country and the world, we petition the parliament to condemn the racist remarks of the President and request our Prime Minister to decline the President's invitation of an official visit and State Reception.

Why is this important?

With his recent call on four Congress Members of various ethnic origins to "go back where they came from", the US President has invalidated any claim to be recognised by Australia (and the world) as a leader, let alone friend of our nation. We must be strong enough to stand up to this bully and not dignify his racist regime, but ensure that Australia's voice remains free, fair and independent.

Reasons for signing

  • This war of hate, religion and hate needs to STOP so the world & civilians do not become a part of the war of independence ! Because it’s beginning & it’s happening slowly but surely! May innocent lives rest peacefully that have been taken away from greedy corrupt corporations! All for sake of $!
  • This might sound a little extreme, but I think that maybe it's time for us all to take a stand against supporting a man who would put the future of this planet at risk. His motivation to break the deal with Iran, was purely to undo anything that Obama did, not for reasons that might be in the benefit of peace for his own country, and not to help promote peace for the rest of the world. That kind of racist leadership needs to be called out at every opportunity, in my opinion.


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