To: Penrith City Councillors

Stop Penrith Council's destruction of our environment

Stop Penrith Council's destruction of our environment

Dear Councillor,

Please do not approve the direction proposed by Penrith Council planners in their Local Environment Plan (LEP). I urge you to seek a thorough review of their plans so far and an open community consultation period of at least two months.

I value the natural environment and want you to take this planning decision very seriously in order to ensure a decent quality of life for our children and grandchildren. We do not want wall to wall housing, more transport gridlock and the further degradation of our natural environment in Penrith.

Please ensure that you are given the time for a thorough and independent review of Penrith Councils proposed LEP in terms that it undermines the Cumberland Plain Recovery Plan and the protection of Priority Conservation Lands as mapped by the NSW Government. The proposed LEP destroys any hope of achieving the Cumberland Conservation Corridor within the North Ward of Penrith and it will have far reaching impacts including on the Nepean River.

I urge Penrith Councillors not to proceed with the Local Environment Plan until the North Ward Priority Conservation Lands are protected with conservation zonings and that these zonings facilitate the creation of the Cumberland Conservation Corridor. Penrith Council must map and protect these national treasures. No Councillor should vote on this matter until they have visited these conservation jewels to see for themselves what is at stake.


Why is this important?

Penrith LGA is home to some of the rarest and most valued bushland areas in the Sydney basin. The Castlereagh Woodland area within the North Ward of Penrith is unique and endangered. It provides habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals. Many of these are themselves endangered. We are at that point in history where we need to decide if we want them to survive or to face extinction.

It is up to Penrith Council and they are proposing "business as usual" - more houses, more roads, more profit for developers and in their latest LEP proposal to the newly elected Councillors. The city planners are insisting the elected Councillors endorse this "developer dream" direction.

On top of this they are railroading the Councillors saying that they do not have time to consider this matter carefully. Not even enough time for them to visit the sites or allow the normal community consultation period, which in their proposal has been reduced from 2 months to 28 days.

The LEP determines the whole shape of our city and our countryside forever so it is the duty of Councillors to get this right. They must act in the public interest.

Re-zoning lands is a very serious matter and has huge implications for landowners, the rare and endangered species, the Nepean River, the wild places, commuters, shop owners, businesses and visitors alike.

Why should it be rushed? Why should new Councillors in particular, who have little or in some cases no idea what an RU4 or an E2 zoning is, be asked to make a decision on the future of this city without even understanding what these zonings mean?

How it will be delivered

In person to the Council meeting

Reasons for signing

  • I like the bush
  • This plan to significantly increase the population of the town will ruin Penrith
  • Destroying the natural beauty of the area to make room for development, is an Environmental health risk for peoples well-being and state of mind, nature and its Aesthetic values play an important role in the good health and happiness of individuals