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To: Private companies like the cosmetics industry; MPs to introduce truth in labelling


Dear Minister, are you aware that palm oil plantations replace pristine rain forest in Borneo and Sumatra at the rate of 3 football fields per hour? This devastation has eliminated most of the forest already. It has led to devastation for forest people and species in decline (orangutans, tigers, bears etc). Palm oil in Australian products is readily replaced by our own canola oil. This gives Australian farmers a great economic boost as well as saving vital forest decline. WE NEED TRUTH IN LABELLING TO EMPOWER CONSUMERS TO CHOOSE WISELY.

Why is this important?

Australia imports palm oil for its cheap price and its relative chemical stability, with little regard for the longterm environmental regard. Burning rainforest also releases millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide which increases global warming. Orangutan mothers, driven from the forest to palm oil sites for food, are often killed and their babies sold into a miserable life as illegal pets. As well, palm oil is a saturated fat that contributes to heart disease and strokes. WE NEED TRUTH IN LABELLING TO GIVE US CLEAR INFORMATION AND CHOICES.

Reasons for signing

  • Palm oil is being sneaked into too many food products Cadburys is one of the guilty ones


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