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To: Peter Tinley ALP Shadow Minister for Lands. Liza Harvey Liberal Party Deputy Premier. Brandon Grylls WA National Party Leader. Lynn MacLaren Greens MLC. Rick Mazza Shooters, Fishers & Farmers MLC.

Stop our government legislating to empower speculators to force strata home owners to sell

Stop our government legislating to empower speculators to force strata home owners to sell

I want them to listen to their voters who are:
- Strata Home Owner Occupiers that may be forced to sell their home against their will
- Strata Unit Investors that may be forced to sell at market price rather than compensated for the much higher redevelopment land portion of their unit
- Small Business Owners where the value of the business is reliant on the location of their rented strata unit that may lose a lot of money at time of sale.

I want these voters in Western Australia to act as follow:

If you're a Labour Party voter then tell your politicians & union representatives to speak up against this privatisation of compulsory acquisition. Compulsory acquisition should only be allowed when there is a public interest. Ask them to promise that they will not allow the passage of the retrospective component of the Strata Termination Scheme part of the proposed Strata Titles Anendment Bill.

Tell your Green politicians to speak up against forcing people to sell their home for the sole reason of enabling other owners to make a profit. Profit, disguised as best use of the strata land, not condition of the building is the justification for the legislation. The potential mental health problems that insecurity of tenure will cause to strata home owners & small business operators should not be underestimated. Anybody pushing for this legislation should consider the possibility of blood on their hands in case of suicides & family violence resulting from the loss of long term home or increased business insecurity.

If you're a One Nation voter then tell your politicians to fight this legislation otherwise Australians that own existing strata homes will be forced to sell to make space for new high rises targeted to foreign buyers.

If you're a National Party voter then speak up against your Minister of Lands who is presiding over this legislation. Ask him how can he expect to protect the property rights of farmers against big corporations after pushing through with this legislation that RETROSPECTIVELY tramples all over the property rights of small businesses & home owners?

If you're a Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party voter then tell your politicians to fight this legislation unless you want your own farm property rights trampled. Your own chances of a good outcome from big businesses exploring for resources on your farm will be greatly reduced. Big government corporations telling you what to do on your land will be greatly increased because this legislation greatly reduces property rights. Tell your politicians that country & city people should stick together when it comes to supporting each others' property rights.

If you're a Liberal Party voter then realise this legislation is a betrayal of the Liberal fundamental values of small business freedom & home owner property rights. Tell the Liberal Party elites that you'll vote for the equivalent of Brexit & Trump because you've had enough of the influence of mining, property & alcohol industry lobby groups in our state. A state that is so blessed that could be financially secure like Norway but it's not because of our big corporations (big business, big unions, big government) lobbying our leadership for their own self interest rather than the public interest. Tell them that this legislation tramples all over small business & home owner property rights because it will significantly reduce the security of tenure over their land. Mussolini would have been proud of how our state is increasingly resembling corporative fascism but there's no chance of that happening here because every 4 years you can do a reset:)

Why is this important?

It's applicable law in NSW from 30 November 2016 & it will be law in Western Australia next year unless you act against it before the WA election in March 2017. Property industry lobby groups are currently pressuring the Queensland government to introduce similar legislation.

Property professionals especially lawyers will also benefit significantly from the work that it will generate for them so there's no organisation speaking out against it. The government claimed on its website (Q&A) that it has engaged with strata owners in its consultation process via Strata Community Australia WA. Strata Community Australia WA does not represent the interests of strata owners but those of property industry professionals that stand to benefit from the increased work for them that this legislation will cause.

The government & property professionals are right in saying that the Strata Titles Amendment Bill is wanted by the majority of people. However hidden in it is the RETROSPECTIVE Termination of Schemes part that will enable 75% of strata unit owners in a strata to force the remaining 25% to sell to them at market price. You can find out here exactly what the W.A. government is planning here

The government bureaucracy talk of empowerment, democracy, transparency, checks and balances is all very noble; but ultimately, the fundamental principle of a property owner's sovereignty is under attack. Until now this was sacred except in exceptional circumstances where new infrastructure deemed vital to maintaining a city's functioning and future prosperity was needed. This power was rightly confined to government entities. Now a property developer's wish to construct some more towers on prime land such as your favourite beach backed up by sufficient dollars to win over 75 per cent of owners is sufficient to allow diminution of existing property owners' rights. Of course there will be many strata unit owners who see a chance for an unexpected windfall from these new rules.  No doubt that many speculators are in the process of buying into blocks with a view to flipping their property on to a developer at the earliest opportunity. There will also be owners who bought a property as a long term hold under the old rules and won't appreciate having their assets realised without their consent.

In my situation, in a strata building of 28 units that a building inspector has certified that it's in a good condition, 3 speculators that own 21 units can force the other 7 owners to sell to them at market price. The higher density zoning means that the whole (the land on which the current strata building sits) is worth many times more than the sum of the parts (each strata unit) so the speculators will benefit significantly from the sale of the strata land to developers. The high rise redevelopment is targeted to foreign buyers.

Shame on our government to expect you to defend your country but it allows you to be forced off your land. Land to which you have property rights since the time of the Magna Carta over 800 years ago. I believe that I must fight for my lands rights now or I'll be left with a bit of cash while the local community will be left with a high rise redevelopment for sale to foreigners where I once had my single storey home unit of 25 years in front of Cottesloe beach.

Don't be deceived by the government promise that the law will protect the vulnerable and it will be fair & equitable. Even the minister responsible has admitted that it's a complex legislation. Complex because it's impossible to protect bonafide strata owners from abuse by speculators. Despite this the government insists that the rights of all owners will be adequately considered through a procedure and fairness review by the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). How is this believable when there is no requirement in the legislation . In the end speculators will always win because they can afford better lawyers than you. Proof of this are all the DAP decisions against local community interests.

Stop the Strata Law Kink is no different to Keep Cott Low, Stop the DAP or Rethink Perth Freight Link. This is where the local community of normal people & small businesses are not only abused by the vested interests of big government, big business & big unions but also intellectually insulted by their lobby groups that insist that it's all for the greater common good.


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