To: The advertisers who employ News Corporation, in particular Virgin Money

Stop News Corporation from controlling Australia

Stop News Corporation from controlling Australia

Immediately cease advertising with News Corporation and for News Corp to immediately cease the campaign to attack Australia's democracy.

Why is this important?

News Corporation has effectively sabotaged democracy in Australia by shamelessly backing the Liberal Party. They have hidden the truth of the Liberal Party's policies to the benefit of themselves and other corporations, and at the great expense of Australian citizens.
Overturning Gonski, NBN and free trade (gouging consumers and off shoring jobs) are just the tip of the iceberg of the anti-Australian policies of our current government.
I propose that those who agree with me should not obtain a credit card through Virgin Money or if they have one to cancel it. Also that they stop buying or reading The Australian.
The message must be that any company that is helping undermine democracy in Australia will be boycotted. If we act collectively we can take Australia back for Australians.


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