To: Federal Ministers for justice

Stop letting pedophiles walk our streets

Dear Minister,
Judges aren't using the 'guide' set out where minimum 15yrs jail for child sexual abuse, judges are PROVING they have NO DISCRETION! These cases should be heard in front of a jury with SET SENTENCINGS that reflect the damage these parasites have caused...

Why is this important?

Please don't be offended, I'm a survivor of child sexual abuse, & at 51, I am in treatment to deal with the daily nightmares, I'm also in the process of having my perpetrator charged, but I'm scared! Because from what I'm seeing on a daily basis in the media, child sex offenders are walking out of courts with minimal to ZERO sentencing, it reeks of corruption! I would not have been a victim had the courts locked my perpetrator up the first time round!
EVERY TIME CHILD ABUSERS WALK FREE, courts are re-victimising victims, they are retraumatising victims, they are saying 'kids lives don't matter' that victims are not worth their time! A good 90% of adults with mental health/substance abuse are living these lives because of some kind of childhood trauma in all its forms - imagine the reduction on the health system if we locked offenders up? Sending a clear message to these pedophiles that if you hurt a child, you will not see daylight again?? Or for AT LEAST 15yrs!

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  • I signed this petition as the judges are running their own game and ruining peoples lives by giving lenient sentences to criminals.


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