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Stop Junk mail

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Daryl byrne
Stop Junk mail

Please Ban unsolicited mail, Junk mail, from being delivered to our doors. lets put in place a system where if people truely love getting junk mail, then they can join a list, or get a special sticker on their mail box. Currently we all constantly see "junk mail" shoved, jammed, thrown in our letter boxes, stoops, gardens, the laneways and under doors even when we do have a "no junk mail"sign.

Why is this important?

We work so hard at recycling, being careful of what we use in our homes, dont use plastic bags at the super market, buy recylced goods and even have recycled bins at our homes.
Yet companies, that are making income from there actions, can just shove junk mail into our letter boxes, even if its full to over flowing. The junk mail then ends up on the streets and in our drains. If a person was to take the junk mail and just drop it on the steps of parliment, they would be charged with littering!.
it is an old practise that needs to be controlled and regulated, signed up for stopped all together.