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To: The West Australian Government - Ben Wyatt

Stop foreign ownership of the Albany wind farm

Stop foreign ownership of the Albany wind farm

Dear Minister,
Please revoke the sale of the Albany wind farm to foreign ownership and give the maintenance contract back to the West Aussie company currently running the farm.

Why is this important?

- You have caused the loss of local employment effectively losing 28 years of experience on those very machines.
- You have revoked a contract to a West Australian company who currently maintains the wind farm and given it to a multi-national company effectively causing more job loss and local money leaving the state.
- Your government promised in the election that you would not sell power assets and now you have broken that promise.

Reasons for signing

  • Stop selling our assets. Stay Australian owned
  • Typical government - broken promises - get your vote then do what they want - should have to sign a contract to stick to what we voted them in for....and sacked if they breach that contract - most are in for their egos and the money not for the people they are supposed to represent!! Come on Peter Watson - sort this out for Albany and WA!! Mr Speaker , speak to your boss!!
  • I wondered why they never replied to my job application.


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