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To: Cabinet Ministers

Stop foreign investors suing our governments – reject the Korea trade deal

Stop foreign investors suing our governments – reject the Korea trade deal

Dear Minister,

We ask you to reject the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement which allows foreign investors to sue our governments for millions of dollars in international tribunals.

Including investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) in this agreement means that foreign investors can sue national, state and local governments if investors claim that laws or policies have “harmed” their investment.

Attempts to exclude health and environmental laws and policies from investor rights to sue governments have not been effective. Such “exclusions” in the Peru –US Free Trade Agreement didn’t stop the Renco lead mining company from suing the Peruvian government when they were required to clean up their lead pollution.

We do not want our sovereignty and democracy to be undermined in the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or any other agreement.

Why is this important?

Trade Minister Andrew Robb recently announced a free trade agreement with Korea which includes the right for foreign investors to sue our governments over Australian laws and policies. This undermines our national sovereignty and democracy, and would cost our governments millions of dollars.

But the deal has not yet been signed. Cabinet Ministers must endorse the agreement so that Minister Robb can sign it.

Sign this petition asking each Cabinet Minister to reject any trade agreement which undermines our national sovereignty and democracy.

Reasons for signing

  • Totally agree, we also need to stop the TPP and get rid of the Reserve Bank of Australia.
  • So called 'Free Trade Agreements' are not what they are claimed to be. These are forced upon us by other Nations and their Multi-National Corporations and only benefit them at an unacceptable cost to our own industry, primary producers, small (and family) business and workers. If we are going to make Trade Pacts, we want 'FAIR & Equal Trade' agreements.
  • We must protect our sovereignty, food security, what manufacturing we have left and our future innovations, industries and their patents.


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