To: GAVINELLI Andrea, Head of Unit – Animal Welfare

Stop dogs illegal killing!

Stop dogs illegal killing!

Dear Madam/Sir,

Considering that animal' rights exist only on papers in Romania, considering that the public shelters in Romania do not respect EU standards and also, subject of massive corruption, considering that humans that help the animals are also abused, considering that the law enforcement and Court decisions are ignored and all these mentioned above happen in a EU country...

Please take action and investigate these matters to prevent more lives to suffer, to be abused or destroyed.

With hopes,

Why is this important?

Thousands of street dogs are captured and illegally slaughter in Romania month after month. The euthanasia of street dogs was suspended by a Romanian Court in 2014, however the killing continues!
The responsible institution to capture and shelter the dogs made public statements, admitting the killing of 20,000 strays in just 7 months!
Because corruption and authorities' indifference, the situation is out of control.
Raising international awareness about these animals tragedy might be the start of a change!
We need every signature we can get to become a stronger voice for these voiceless and defend less beings, exposed to a barbarian treatment!

Join us to ask the EU Commission to demand Romanian officials to respect the laws, the Court decisions, the animals rights!


Reasons for signing

  • Stop this disgusting activity! Dogs and all animals are meant to be loved
  • This needs to stop Romania! Shameful barbarians is what those dog catchers are.


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