To: Assistant Minister for Education Simon Birmingham, Minister for Social Services (Childcare) Scott Morrison and the Abbott Government

STOP Discrimination of Family Day Care.

STOP Discrimination of Family Day Care.

Dear Minister Birmingham and Minister Morrison,
We are calling on you to reverse Minister Ley's underhanded and discriminating amendment to the child care rebate laws and consult with Family Day Care Educators to put in place a fair amendment that respects our rights and addresses the so called non-compliance within our sector.

Why is this important?

Whilst Family Day Care Educators understand, and stand with the government in wanting to see fraudulent educators and schemes within our sector closed down and prosecuted, we strongly oppose the new discriminating amendment to the child care rebate legislation.

The reason we find this decision so appalling is that we believe it is a breach of the anti-discrimination laws as it is taking away a family day care educators parental right to choose the model of early education and care for their child; it is taking away a family day care educators right to earn a sustainable income; it is taking away children of family day care educators rights to participate in early education and care and socialization outside of their family unit; and we believe this new legislation breaches the united nations convention on the rights of the child (Article 5, Article 15, Article 18, Article 23, Article 28, Article 29, Article 31).

Furthermore, we believe Minister Ley mislead the public through her statements that she consulted with family day care peak bodies, because advising our national peak body Family Day Care Australia that you are amending the legislation 24 hours prior, and then embargoing them from sharing this information within our sector, is NOT consultation.

Minister Birmingham and Minister Morrison, this new legislation will cause thousands of children to lose their child care placement as of 3rd Feb 2015, and hundreds of currently self-sufficient small business owners will be forced back onto welfare as their business will no longer be sustainable.

How is this making childcare more affordable, flexible and available?

How it will be delivered

Family Day Care Educators United intend to deliver this signatures on this petition in person to Minister Birmingham and Minister Morrison at parliament house when sitting resumes in 2015.

Reasons for signing

  • Our rights as parents to make choices of where our children should go for child care, FDC is very important, please do not take it away Hon Scott Morrison
  • Helping vulnerable children to access child care they are passionate about
  • This change mean that children will lose attending child care next which will be damaging to our vulnerable communities


2014-12-22 20:05:51 +1100

1,000 signatures reached

2014-12-10 13:13:32 +1100

We would again like to thank your supporters for aligning with us on this campaign. We have reached over 600 signatures, which is fantastic. Over the past 24 hours members of the administration team have met with a few Politicians and participated in a media interview, with more of these meetings lined up over the coming week, and consultations and behind-the-scenes work happening with regards to a legal challenge and a parliamentary rally. We intend to print out and hand deliver this petition to parliament in the New Year, so please keep sharing and encouraging people to sign. In the meantime, please get behind our facebook page to keep up to date with our campaign.

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500 signatures reached

2014-12-09 08:49:29 +1100

We have almost hit 400 signatures in less than 14 hours... let's see if we can hit 1000 in 24 hours. Help us make some noise and show Minister Ley and the Abbott Government that Family Day Care Educators have Rights and we are not going to remain silent and just go away. We will be printing and delivering this petition to Minister Ley in the New Year as part of our campaign.

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100 signatures reached

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