To: Department Enviroment Primary Industries

stop DEPI from reclassifying pet bird species

stop DEPI  from reclassifying pet bird species

Please do not approve the proposed new laws which will declare 40 species of non indigenous birds, many of which are commonly kept and bred within aviculture. and have done for in excess of 50 years and in that time they have not posed any threat to agriculture or indigenous bird species, therefore why suddenly would this now be the case.30 of the 40 listed species are also listed on the IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources) red list of threatened species. varying from endangered to being watched a good percentage also with comments that numbers are decreasing in the wild.the list of species on the list are Chilean Flamingo, Greater Flamingo, Greater Rhea, Yellow collared Lovebird, Peach faced lovebird, mandarin duck,egyptian goose, red munia, cuban amazon,yellow crowned amazon,hyacinth macaw, graylag goose, blue & gold macaw, canada goose, muscovy duck, common redpoll, lady amherst's pheasant, bob white quail, red fronted parakeet, st helena waxbill, silver eared mesia, pekin robin, african silverbill, black headed nuns, quaker parrot, nanday conure, helmeted guinea fowl, java sparrow, alexandrine, slaty headed parrot, indian ringneck, red whiskered bul bul, maroon bellied conure, canary, african collared dove, barbary dove, red collared dove, ostrich, paradise shell duck, cordon blue finch, jacarini finch

Why is this important?

It is important because if we are prevented from keeping, breeding and importing these species within Victoria we will eventually lose them because of the then forced necessity of having to inbreed, several of the finch species, namely the cordon bleu, and the jacarini are already under threat within aviculture. and who wants to in the future not be able to enjoy the song of a whistling male canary.

Reasons for signing

  • These proposed laws are so ill informed that they should never have been seriously considered.
  • theres nothing wrong with having these birds kept in Victoria there beautiful and should be aloud to be kept !!!!!
  • because I care


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