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To: Concerned Parents & the Education Department

Stop Dangerous Wi-Fi in Schools

Stop Dangerous Wi-Fi in Schools

Please watch & spread this information about wireless radiation especially in children's hands, mobile phones have been banned in many European schools & cable is so simple & more reliable for the Internet, even a child could do it! = EMF_Adverse_Health_Effects.mp4 25 minutes WiFi in Schools - The Facts.mp4 18 minutes WiFiSchoolsSafeSmart4KidsAug2013.mp4 10 minutes

More detailed information = see ElectroMagnetic_Radiation_Survival_Guide_interview 86 minutes

Why is this important?

An Open Letter to Phillips Exeter Academy about Wi-Fi
"The continuation of our species is already threatened as stated by Neuroscientist Olle Johannson nearly two years ago that due to the overwhelming number wireless transmissions, there will be "irreversible sterility within five generations" . . . 150 years in the future."

MOBILIZE is a new investigative documentary that explores the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation, including cancer and infertility. The film examines the most recent scientific research, follows national legislative efforts, and illuminates the influence that technology companies have on public health. Mobilize features interviews with numerous doctors, politicians, cancer patients, and technology experts.

There's a small gathering in Upwey near Melbourne soon (14th March 2015) to screen this new movie = Mobilize - Official Trailer.mp4 2mins

See for details. We also have non-consent forms designed to protect your child at school, email for details.


Reasons for signing

  • Mounting evidence is alarming. Children especially should not be part of this experiment. Hardwiring is a safer alternative. Why not use the Precautionary Principle ? Surely this is better than 'too late' down the track.
  • Precautionary steps need to be taken to protect everyone especially the innocent next generation from this 2b Possible Carcinogen. Wi-Fi in schools should not be allowed. Enough evidence of harm already exists if you care to look.
  • I was a teacher for 30 years, but have had to give up teaching as I have developed a sensitivity to Wi-Fi. - headaches, blurred vision, agitation & burning sensation on my skin. I am extremely concerned about the long term effects that this will have on our children. Wake up before it is too late!


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