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To: Dear Prime Minister, State and Territory Ministers

Stop Corruption of the Political Process by Global Corporatism

Stop Corruption of the Political Process by Global Corporatism

Globally we are seeing our democracies ceded to corporate interests. Political parties are becoming more and more beholden to their corporate donors and less responsive to the will and needs of the people. They will pay lip service to public sentiment but when all is said and done they do the bidding of the economic elites who make the largest donations. This is corrupting our political system at its core, robbing the vast majority of Australians of their democratic rights. The levers of power no longer reside in the people but in the hands of corporations. The spectacle of elections is merely the veneer of democracy. Each year power is being moved away from the people and concentrated in the hands of both national, and increasingly, global corporations.

Areas of consideration:

1. Making all political donations real time transparent.
2. Restrictions on politicians working as lobbyists or in corporations associated with their portfolios for a specified period after they leave government. This would prevent conflict of interests resulting from nepotism towards future employers and/or associates.

Why is this important?

Globally governments are increasingly handcuffed in their ability to address serious threats to our species such as climate change, economic collapse and social inequalities. In order to halt this process political power needs to be devolved, big money taken out of out politics and the political process returned to the people. Our democracies, our civilization and our planet are at stake, all of which will be sacrificed at the alter of short term profit if the people do not resist.

Reasons for signing

  • Every political system in the world is corrupt. We need to get rid of all of these self serving, pay for play political degenerate traitors. Even the Australian Government " DONATED " to the Clinton Foundation for access or favours from Secretary Hillary Clinton. The majority of the dirty politicians in the western world seem to be all lawyers. And they get it all on with the lawyers from all the major global corporations, setting themselves up on the backs of the general public.
  • They already control our currency, via the Reserve Bank of Australia. They will not stop until the people take back control of our government!
  • This story (published by Crikey and the Qld Library) says why I signed:


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