To: Don Page NSW State Parliament

stop charging pensioners the MCIS levies

Dear Don Page,
The MCIS levies charged by the NSW State Government with the Third Party Compulsory Insurance known as the Green Slip have almost doubled in one year. This is putting car ownership out of reach of many people living on the pension. However not all pensioners have access to the subsidised public transport available in metropolitan areas. Here in the so called 'regions' such as the far North Coast, a car is not a luxury but an essential item and ironically we pay higher levies than city folk do even though we have less options.
Pensioners can not afford this huge levy. Please revoke it.
Yours sincerely,
Ingrid Loewy.

Why is this important?

Pensioners cannot afford to pay a levy which is doubling almost every year. The Federal Government has just given pensioners financial assistance to cover the costs of the carbon tax but the State Government has almost doubled the MCIS levy without any explanation and certainly no help to pay for it. If the State Government wants money from the Federal Government it couldn't stoop lower than to take it out of the pockets of pensioners. At the same time the O' Farrell Government has increased rents for public housing tenants. This is not right.

Reasons for signing

  • My pension is going down in value every year and I cannot afford the extra charges tacked on everything these days.
  • THe MCIS levy is another spin to confuse people into believing there is not enough money t pay for basic needs for the public. The money should be taken from the senseless purchase of out of date Mirage jets at 2 biliion each instead of gouging the pockets of pensioners.
  • As a pensioner the MCIS is getting too expensive. Really making things difficult at insurance renewal time.


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