To: Tasmanian Minister for Primary Industries

Stop Caged Dogs Tasmania

Stop Caged Dogs Tasmania

Help close a legal loophole in Tasmanian animal welfare legislation that allows pet dogs to be kept in undersized cages. The legislation mandates that dangerous dogs be confined with a minimum ten square meters of space, but non-dangerous dogs can be confined with less space, as confirmed by Minister Guy Barnett.
Provided that a dog can turn around and lay down with legs out stretched, the cage is considered to be big enough. That means that the cage is sometimes barely bigger than the size of the dog.
Outdated animal welfare laws means that cases of dogs never released from cages or given any exercise cannot be proven in court, so the RSPCA does not seek to prosecute cases of lack of exercise, even though a senior RSPCA officer says that continuously confined dogs is a fairly common problem in Tasmania.
Laws pertaining to dogs in Tasmania are fragmented and fall across two Ministerial portfolios, four separate pieces of legislation and two animal welfare organizations. Tasmania's "Animal Welfare Act" is over 25 years old. Laws relating to companion animals need to be brought up-to-date with laws in other Australian states and territories such as the ACT, that last year recognized sentience for companion animals.
All of Tasmania's animal welfare laws need to be reviewed by the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute.

Why is this important?

Pet dogs can be kept in cages 24/7 in Tasmania without exercise due to badly worded, outdated and unenforceable animal welfare laws. The RSPCA and local councils say that confined dogs is a common problem in Tasmania.

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Reasons for signing

  • Keeping a dog in a cage is cruel treatment considering they are pack animals. They want to be with their family (owners) and crave attention. What a long and boring life they must have in a cage. Where is the compassion of our lawmakers to change the laws for good. Why won't sturdy fences suffice rather than cages?
  • This is a very important subject. We should all support it by signing!
  • Dogs don't belong in cages at all unless they are a danger to their owners or others. Please let's have laws to look after "man's best friend". Dogs need exercise and if caged in small areas, they are virtually prisoners. Show some compassion and ask the experts (RSPCA) to re-write much needed animal welfare laws regarding caged animals.