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To: BHPs CEO Andrew Mackenzie

Stop BHP's Destruction in Indonesia

Stop BHP's Destruction in Indonesia

Abandon the IndoMet coal mining project in Indonesia's central Kalimantan province, also known as Borneo

Why is this important?

IndoMet mining project covers 865,000 acres in the Borneo rainforest. The project will cause mass deforestation and damage the rivers of the upper Barito basin. The forests in the area are sensitive and full of biodiversity much of which has not been scientifically surveyed - we could loose species we don't know anything about. The region is also home to the endangered Orangutan. Mining also poses social threats to remote communities in the area by threatening river systems and inhabitable land.

How it will be delivered

I will deliver the petition in person to the Australian headquarters in Melbourne

Reasons for signing

  • these beautiful animals have better qualities than humans !!!!!!
  • Bevara urangutang låt överleva också ge rättigheter
  • Unethical, immoral and just plain wrong!! Th "Big Australian" really needs to take a good hard look at itself!!!


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