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To: TO: General Manager Tweed Shire Council PO Box 816 MURWILLUMBAH NSW 2484

STOP Berkley's Lane joining onto the proposed Service Rd in Pottsville Beach!!!

There are major concerns regarding lack of koala protection mechanisms in the design of the proposed service road behind the Pottsville shops. I draw your attention to the information below extracted from the Tweed Coast Koala Habitat Study 2011, which documents significant koala activity in the area, koala mortality statistics and recommended ameliorative measures to protect them:-

• Figure 4.5 Potential koala habitat map and Figure 5.3b Koala mortality black spots and koala records along major roads indicate that the area adjacent to Berkleys Lane and the service road is categorised as Secondary A Koala Habitat. This habitat and koala corridor have recently been strengthened with primary koala food tree plantings under the Koala Connections Project.

• Figure 3.1 Location of active and inactive field sites indicates an active field site near Berkleys Lane.

• Figure 3.2 Indicative metapopulation boundaries (source populations) indicates significant koala activity in the area adjacent to Berkleys Lane.

• Figure 5.1 Indicative linkage areas indicates a linkage corridor that crosses Coronation Avenue in the area adjacent to Berkleys Lane that is used by the Koala Beach koala population (north of Coronation Avenue) and the Pottsville Wetland koala population (south of Coronation Avenue).

• Figure 5.3a Koala mortality black spots and koala records along major roads indicates the section of Coronation Avenue that is intersected by Berkleys Lane as being located within a section of the road identified as a koala mortality black spot. It also indicates that there have been koala sightings recorded along Coronation Avenue not far to the west of the Berkleys Lane intersection.
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• Page 51:
Speed limits on the approach to Pottsville drop from 80km/h at Cudgera Creek Road to 60km/h at Seabreeze Estate then to 40km/h at Coronation Avenue. The vegetation abutting the road in the east provides the only linkage in the locality for provision of north south connectivity. Thus, any provision for ameliorative measures should be at this location where the road passes through potential koala habitat for a distance of 600- 700m.

• 3. Road mortalities / koala black spots (page 49):
Phillips (2002) reported vehicle-strike as responsible for 34% of koala mortality on the Tweed Coast.

Team Koala also wishes to draw your attention to the following extract from the Pottsville CBD Lane Construction Review of Environmental Factors:-

• Table 5.1: Project environmental impact types, their likelihood and impact mitigation measures - 'Likely Impact' (page 25):
The expected increased traffic movements along the lane would increase the vehicle strike hazard for fauna.


The opening of Berkleys Lane to through traffic is expected to accommodate 1015 vehicle movements per day, peaking at 100 vehicles per hour. This will shift the koala mortality black spot along Coronation Avenue (refer TCKHS Figure 5.3a) to the footprint of the lane way which is closer to the Secondary Koala habitat, the recently planted koala food trees (refer Koala Connections Project) and the Koala Corridor identified in TCKHS Figure 5.1. TCKHS Figure 3.2 also shows significant koala activity adjacent to Berkleys Lane.

Table 5.1 of the Pottsville CBD Lane Construction Review of Environmental Factors indicates that impact mitigation measures rely only on a lowering of traffic speed to address this increased threat to koala survival.
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As Team Koala believes that lowering of traffic speed as the only ameliorative measure is inadequate, they call for Council at the 17 July 2014 Council meeting to defer their decision on the Pottsville CBD lane way until the issues we have raised are further investigated.

Team Koala also calls for the matter to be referred to the Koala Advisory Committee for their consideration and recommendaions.

Team Koala calls for the construction of a koala-proof fence to isolate koala habitat adjacent to the Pottsville CBD lane way site in order to mitigate the threat of koala vehicle strike.
Yours faithfully

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