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To: all citizens

Stand up for the truth about global warming

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Liz Bassett
Stand up for the truth about global warming

Please join us in signing the statement below:

-I accept that global warming is being caused by human activity.

-I accept that thousands of scientists around the world and such bodies as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have repeatedly provided clear evidence that human activity is causing dangerous changes in our planet's climate.

-I accept that global warming presents a very grave threat to biodiversity, agriculture, human health, and international peace and security.

Why is this important?

Our climate is already warming due to human activity. The need for decisive action is extremely urgent. Yet around the world, business-funded PR campaigns systematically deny the scientific evidence and undermine the political will to act.

Millions of people are privately worried about global warming, but don't tell anyone because they feel helpless to change anything. Unfortunately, our silence lends support to those campaigners who deny the evidence.

Unless we all stand up and say what we really think, these campaigners will claim to speak for us, and our leaders will not even consider making the changes needed to combat global warming.


Reasons for signing

  • we need to SPEAK UP before its too late
  • Great idea! Lets hurry up and move from diagnosis to transition - starting with carbon emissions!!!!! I'm very proud that Australia has a price on carbon, it's a great first step.


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