To: The Qld Premier and State Government

Springbrook Cableway No Way

Springbrook Cableway No Way

We the people of the Gold Coast and beyond call on the Premier and the Qld State Government to:
1. STOP the cableway proposed by Skyride or any other cableway proposal to World Heritage listed Springbrook National Park immediately.
2. REJECT any proposal for Queensland National Parks or part thereof to be sold off; or leased to private developers for private profit.
3. REPEAL changes to the Nature Conservation Act to no longer allow development in our national parks.

Why is this important?

In 2000 a similar proposal was rejected due to some significant issues that have not changed including:
1. Eucalypt fire hazard risk – the proposed route is through eucalypt forest posing a high fire risk to cableway patrons.
2. No town sewage or water at Springbrook for an estimated 2000 visitors per day– All water and sewage will have to be trucked on/off the mountain.
3. Destruction of biodiversity – the clearing required and the use of helicopters for construction of towers and stations will destroy wildlife habitat for threatened flora and fauna and cause erosion and siltation of waterways.
4. The route is situated in the water catchment - the potential for pollution of the Gold Coast water supply
5. The access roads are unsuitable for heavy vehicular traffic including trucks

The petition against the original proposal generated over 12,000 signatures.

This new proposal has been raised due to recent changes to legislation that could probably or potentially allow such a mass tourism development but the issues listed still remain unresolved. Springbrook National Park is best suited to low impact high value eco-tourism to protect its extraordinary natural values. If this proposal goes ahead it is extremely likely that the current listing of Springbrook National Park being a part of an UNESCO World Heritage Area will be placed in jeopardy.

Reasons for signing

  • Because its wrong for this to happen and we are paying for most of it and the dangers of animals at risk is wrong
  • this is a unique and fragile area that could easily be destroyed by overdevelopment
  • This project is about making profit and has nothing to do with protecting the environment. We can't continue to abuse nature just to make people rich. I am not against all development but I am against developing our national parks that were set aside to be protected for generations. What right do we have to say that making profit is more important than protecting the animals and environment in all cases.


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