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To: Lockyer Valley Council & Qld Govt

SOLVE Alliance against meat chicken farms in Spring Creek, Lockyer Valley

SOLVE Alliance against meat chicken farms in Spring Creek, Lockyer Valley

We want Lockyer Valley Council to STOP the hideous meat chicken farm being built in a residential area of the Lockyer Valley, Spring Creek. It was refused 10 years ago on environmental grounds, yet all the developer has had to do is bide his time until new bureaucrats who are prepared to rubber stamp developments without conducting independent assessments got into positions of influence. These bureaucrats rely on computer simulations for dust, odour and noise, generated by modellers engaged by chicken developers who can contrive to manipulate input data to serve the interests of the proponents. There is no independent oversight.

Why is this important?

SOLVE stands for Save Our Lifestyle, Values & Environment. We were here first.

Some neighbours farm fruit and vegetables on a commercial scale which will be contaminated by bird faecal matter. Others settled here for quiet enjoyment in retirement. All our tank water supplies will be contaminated by airborne dust from the sheds venting and our health and children's health will decline. A result will be that the value of all neighbouring properties will decline.

The developer does not live in or contribute to the area, 1 or 2 new jobs will be created but many more will be lost as fruit and vegetable businesses will cease.

A major koala corridor runs along the boundary of the property and chicken shed fans will blow dust and faecal matter directly onto the corridor 24 X 7.

There are many obvious faults with the development application that have been overlooked and when brought to the attention of local and state bureaucrats, they are refusing to even consider reviewing the decision. There are 20 neighbouring farms & small acreages that surround the site, but dust, odour and noise will permeate further than just those properties.

The developer has similar farms in other districts and is known for not following court orders to comply with conditions of approval. He has nevertheless been allowed to continue operating as local authorities are unwilling or incapable of compelling compliance. This operator does not live on site, nor is he interested in operating to industry best practice and bird welfare would be low in his priorities. This is a moneymaking venture affecting many residents and the heart of the operation is the maltreatment of sentient creatures. It is abhorrent and an abomination that we do not want in our district, a district that the local council promotes as a clean and green 'salad bowl'.

Reasons for signing

  • The motherfuckr has to be stopped.
  • This is a known birding hot spot and is the only place in south east Queensland that supports an isolated population of Banded Lapwings.
  • I used to take overseas birdwatchers to the Locker Valley regularly and still visit the area regularly. It is a great area!


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