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To: Anthony John Abbott

Anthony John Abbott Show Us Your Credentials to Govern

Prove that you have renounced your British Subject / UK Citizenship status and did so before entering the Australian Parliament for the first time.

Why is this important?

Anthony John Abbott has steadfastly refused to disclose his citizenship status to the Australian people who he currently serves as Prime Minister. He has now declared in another apparent 'Captain's Pick', that the 'benefit of the doubt about citizenship' will be removed as a central plank in a new security policy allegedly designed to protect Australia against terrorism. He will be aware that electoral law in this country requires that no candidate for the Federal Legislative Assembly of this country can have any allegiance to any other jurisdiction.

That he has so stubbornly refused to prove his legitimacy as a member of the Australian Federal Parliament leads us, the citizens of Australia, to believe that he has not renounced his allegiance to a foreign jurisdiction on the grounds that he himself has removed the 'benefit of doubt' as a defence of the legality of his tenure of office..

Reasons for signing

  • This is a disgrace. I could barely stand the fact that he was apparently an Australian but if he hasn't even bother to naturalise, then he should go back where he came from
  • Because it is the law
  • He should be proud to show the citizens of Australia that he has declared his loyality to Australia


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