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To: Senator Erich Abetz

Senator Erich Abetz and a Launceston to Hobart Chartered Flight. Why?

Answer the question :

As a Minister of the Crown why was it required of you to charter a flight from Launceston to Hobart on the 8th August 2014 at a cost of some $1850

Why is this important?

Abetz has refused to answer any communication on the matter see Tasmanian Times "Dear Senator Abetz...." by J.B.Hawkins published 25 /7 /2018.
All Freedom of Information requests have been blocked or sidelined by the Ombudsman and the Freedom of Information Dispute Resolution Office.

Abetz was trying to keep away from the press after linking Abortion with Breast Cancer in a television interview in Sydney. It could be suggested that the charter flight allowed him to enter Hobart unobserved on a Friday night.

It is important that our political masters can be held to account.

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