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To: Department of Environment & Primary Industries (DEPI) Ministers

Seasonal Pipi Collection Restrictions for Venus Bay Beaches

Seasonal Pipi Collection Restrictions for Venus Bay Beaches

We would like you to implement a closed season for pipi collection & harvesting for Venus Bay & neighbouring beaches over the summer holiday period for safety, long term access & recreational purposes.

The major problems due to influx of day-trippers collecting pipis include:
- Venus Bay is a high Fire Zone area & is one of Victoria's most dangerous beaches - rated 7/10 as highly hazardous!
- Over harvesting of pipis
- Any size pipi is taken, a size limit needs to be implemented
- Fish & bird food-stock being depleted from over harvesting
- Parking restrictions not being observed creating limited access for vehicles & a major access risk for emergency vehicles
- Walking to the beach is becoming dangerous & challenging due to lack of footpaths & excess parking
- Large sections of churned sand from harvesting creates a risk to our Surf Life Saving Club members & their response to emergencies along the beach
- Increase of general litter & litter of latex gloves in the ocean & on the beach
- Venus Bay's infrastructure was never designed to carry such an increase in traffic

It will only be for a few months each year & pipi collectors will have use of the beach for the remainder of the year. This is not an unreasonable ask or something that would be difficult to achieve - lets find a balance to suit all.

Why is this important?

Each year Venus Bay is swamped by thousands of day-trippers for the sole purpose to collect pipis & each year becomes worse.

Pipis are a small shellfish found burrowed in the sand of beaches. The Department of Environment & Primary Industry research found the Venus Bay pipi population is under no threat & healthy. However each person collecting pipis has to obtain a fishing license & is limited in their collection. New independent research shows that the current pipi harvesting has impacted the pipi population & could in fact destroy the population altogether if it continues.

What does this mean to holiday makers & locals at Venus Bay? That there is limited parking, access & at times no access to the beach by vehicle. For some the walking distance is too far, especially for families with toddlers.

Families have a right to enjoy the beach & use the beach for recreational purposes. Let's make our beaches user friendly & create a seasonal pipi collection for all people who want to enjoy the beach during summer peak season.

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How it will be delivered

In person to the Ministers of DEPI - Department of Environment & Primary Industries.

This petition was presented to DPI, Fisheries & Parks Victoria in April 2013 & all were against a closed season. Fisheries said they can not legally close any beach & wouldn't close Venus Bay due to their research. The next step for this petition is to approach the Ministers. Future research for Venus Bay Pipis is not planned due to lack of funding. The last research was conducted in 2011.

Reasons for signing

  • : Pipi collectors showed a high degree of compliance with the catch limits. Recreational collection of pipis had no measurable effect on numbers of pipis on the beach. I fully understand the frustration of local people affected by tourists, but that is equally so in every tourist destination, so why single out pipi collectors? Kerrie and others, why is your way of enjoying the beach more important than that of pipi collectors?
  • I live near Discovery Bay & I have witnessed greedy pipi hunters. Also hearing the abc "offtrack" story about Venus Bay today.
  • Just like fishermen have to limit their catch and the size of fish they catch, so must the pipi tourists have to have limits on what they catch. There needs to be some policing of the beach. The parking needs to be sorted, perhaps special car parks with meters, a limit of 3 hrs. There needs to be limits to how many people can come into the area,. The monitoring of this area should be done by the local councils & volunteers. Thank you, Anne Hay


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