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To: Scott Emerson MP - LNP candidate for Maiwar

Scott Emerson MP - Reject Adani's billion-dollar handout!

Scott Emerson MP - Reject Adani's billion-dollar handout!

Dear Scott Emerson MP,

Voters in Maiwar are overwhelmingly opposed to $1 billion of taxpayer money being handed over to Adani.

$1 billion in public funds could be far better spent investing in education and renewable energy, not propping up a billionaire's coal mine. Further investing in coal will have disastrous consequences for our community.

Scott Emerson MP - please listen to your constituents and reject Adani's billion-dollar loan.

Why is this important?

The LNP's plan to hand over $1 billion to offshore mining giant Adani to build a coal mine is utterly irresponsible.

Adani's mega mine will accelerate global warming, and cause irreversible damage to groundwater and the Great Barrier Reef, among many other things.

$1 billion for this project is a shortsighted and irresponsible waste of taxpayer money. The world is moving away from fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable energy. Every major Australian bank has refused to fund Adani because of the environmental impacts and moreover, because it's a bad investment.

Finally Adani have a shocking and disgusting track record of environmental destruction, corruption, and tax-evasion. Adani are under investigation right now for siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars of borrowed money into offshore tax havens.

Public funds should be invested in the community, not a billionaire's dirty coal mine, dirty in more ways than one.

Authorised by E Roberts, 3/15 Lamington St, New Farm, Queensland, 4005.

Reasons for signing

  • Being a Greenie is the only reasonable attitude today.
  • Stop coal for the sake of a habitable planet
  • environmental damage from the proposed mine


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