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To: Commissioner Kevin Scarce, SA Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission

Say NO to nuclear waste in Australia

Say NO to nuclear waste in Australia

We do not want to see our land and our future destroyed by nuclear interests of any country. Protect Australia and future generations by making a final recommendation to refuse a high level nuclear waste dump. Recommend a nuclear-free Australia and renewable energy that we can all live with.

Why is this important?

“They” want to bring ALL of the world’s high level nuclear waste into Australia and leave it lying around, ABOVE ground, for years. Nuclear waste in highly dangerous temporary containers may never be placed underground as “they” will need to make enough money out of importing the world’s most toxic waste before an underground storage facility can be excavated that is able to resist the highly corrosive action of nuclear materials for a MILLION years.
That’s right, the plan that has been announced is to import the high level nuclear waste first, and only when (and if!) enough money has been collected, to set about making the underground storage facilities (Commissioner Scarce in response to questioning 15/2/16). According to the Tentative Findings of the SA Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission the nuclear fuel would be held in temporary above-ground storage for a minimum of 17 years (#89 p. 18).
NO country so far has succeeded in building a permanent high level nuclear waste dump and no material has yet been invented that can withstand the corrosive action of nuclear materials for more than 100 years Now Australia wants to bring all the world’s waste and dump it out in the open until we succeed in doing what no one else has done, build a successful million-year vault that guarantees it will stay where they put it - forever, and ever, and ever.

Do you want Australia to be the nuclear waste dump for the entire world? Say NO! Sign this petition and send your own response to the Royal Commission before 18th March 2016 (see details below).
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“They” say very large amounts of money will help the local economy and provide a few jobs. But how much money will be left after completing the (first ever!) safe permanent site, repackaging the nuclear waste every 100 years - for 1 million years - and cleaning up the inevitable leaks and nuclear pollution that will be impossible to avoid? People make mistakes, and nuclear mistakes are catastrophic.
The Commission stated “the society would carry the risks of the activity in the long term” (#90 p. 18) - but the risks are so enormous that there is no financial return that can compensate the risk to society, to people, to you and me.
Do you want the world’s toxic nuclear waste or accidental radioactivity in YOUR backyard – in YOUR country? Do you wish it on someone else, or an aboriginal community? There seems to be an unspoken assumption in targeting Australia for the world’s nuclear dump that large parts of this country are uninhabited - terra nullius once again! But people live there. And there may eventually be people living everywhere, anywhere, around Australia. Any site “they” choose may be in YOUR family’s future backyard.

Make sure your voice is heard. Tell the SA Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission you want your country to remain free of toxic nuclear waste.
Send your own response to the Commission – the official Response Coversheet is obligatory. Closing date is 18th March 2016. Also add your name here.


“They” say community consent will be necessary for a permanent dump site, but given the immense disparity in power and influence, individual councils and aboriginal communities can find it difficult to stand up to the pressure. Even state and commonwealth governments have evidently been swayed by the worldwide interests at play.
Are “they” going to consult the communities in all the places nuclear waste could be transported and stored, and perhaps forgotten, as they continue to import the world’s waste for “83 years” (#89 p. 18). Many temporary nuclear containers will just lie around, forgotten – until there is enough money, and new technologies, to create a permanent dump site. And if there isn’t?
If there is a leak of radioactive material, are they going to consult all the communities whose land or water resources have been contaminated, or the large areas of the country downwind of a nuclear cloud? Are they going to consult all the future generations that can be affected?
Chernobyl radiation did a complete tour of the northern hemisphere and Fukushima radiation has reached Europe. A radiation leak from central Australia could easily reach the major east coast cities, depending on the direction of the winds. (See (p. 1) and To impose such an immense burden on future generations is inconceivable. What would we think today if a company had buried a super-toxic waste in the 1890’s which we still have to look after today, and which would continue to be super-toxic for “500 years” and would need “isolation from the environment for many hundreds of thousands of years” (#73 p. 16). And we hope people will look after our waste for that time into the future - so someone can make a profit today?
Do you want that for your country? For your backyard?

You can do something! Quickly sign this petition and pass it on to friends and organisations. Then, most importantly, tell the SA Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission you do not want the world’s nuclear waste in your country. Tell them why, in your own words.
They are not making it easy. But we can do it. You need to fill in and sign the Response Coversheet attach your message, and upload, email or post it to arrive BEFORE 18th March 2016.

For additional information, and further action you can take individually, go to

How it will be delivered

Sign this petition to help it gain momentum.
Respond to the Commission.
Tell friends, colleagues, organisations: Contact local, state, commonwealth representatives, local media.
Start a discussion group.

Storing nuclear waste only validates the nuclear industry. Nuclear is forever. New infrastructure, a new idea, lasts decades, even millennia, nuclear waste lasts beyond our civilisation, beyond our species.

“I” am responsible - here - now!

Reasons for signing

  • Because Australia should not become the world’s high level nuclear waste dumping ground!
  • No! Just NO!
  • the politicians or us own the land, we have no right to poison or dump waste.


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