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To: Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce & NSW Water Minister Niall Blair

Saving Wee Waa

Saving Wee Waa


Many rural towns are being effected by the Murray Darling Basin Plan - it is a water reform that removes productive water for no real environmental gain. This effects real people, real communities and real futures.

In our video Saving Wee Waa, the local community came together to showcase our towns community spirit and to highlight the harmful effects caused by the Basin Plan.

The "just add water" approach is fundamentally flawed, we agree the environment needs a secure future. The difference is we want real outcomes, these can be achieved by focusing the remaining funding on actions such as removing carp, installing fishways, fixing cold water pollution, funding riparian management and resnagging/restocking the rivers.

Recent science rates restoring natural flows as one of the least effective management actions improving outcomes for fish. The Federal budgets have funds allocated for the Northern Basin ($400-$600 million) - please use your leadership positions to ensure this funding is redirected to the complimentary measures and reduce the need for further water to be removed from towns like Wee Waa, Mungindi and Dirranbandi

Why is this important?

Please watch our Saving Wee Waa videos they have been viewed 360 000 times, and sign this petition to show your support for real environmental outcomes and rural communities.

Wee Waa is a small town with a population of less than 1800 people based in North West NSW, it is 90% reliant on Agriculture, be that irrigated or dryland cropping and livestock production.

On average 80% of the flow in the Namoi River goes to the environment in flows out the end of the system. The Murray Darling Basin Plan proposes to remove more water from Wee Waa which will have harmful impacts. The water the government wants to take from Wee Waa, will not reach the downstream target sites. Here it keeps kids in school, people in jobs and businesses going.

We are asking the Murray Darling Basin Authority, State and Federal governments to take into account this is the third water reform that has impacted Wee Waa. The additional socio-economic impacts on Wee Waa will put our town into permanent drought.

We want real environmental OUTCOMES - please help us request the Government fund the complimentary measures such as fishways, carp eradication, cold water pollution, resnagging and restocking native fish in the river to ensure the future of the Northern Basin.

How it will be delivered

We will email the signatures to the November Ministerial Council meeting of All Basin States.

Reasons for signing

  • Wee waa needs bloody WATER ...
  • Because Wee Waa IS important and all this will create a butterfly effect
  • my mother lives in bingara a small rural community


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