To: Ian Young (Australian National University Vice-Chancellor)

Save the ANU School of Music

Save the ANU School of Music

Stop the proposed staffing cuts and changes to the structure of the ANU School of Music.

Why is this important?

ANU Students and community condemn the announced changes to the School of Music curriculum. We believe that performance-based learning is intrinsic to an ANU-standard musical education. We also stand against the lack of consultation informing this decision and the brutal cutting of highly valued staff. We also believe these changes would dramatically reduce musical experiences available in Canberra.

The ANU School of Music is in crisis. Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young has informed 32 staff from the ANU School of Music that their positions are vacant. Nine members of staff have lost their jobs, 23 more have been forced to re-apply for positions, and staff, tutors, professors and students have been left in limbo.
The changes mean that new music students will lose access to one-on-one tuition and dedicated theory classes. Students will be given an allowance to purchase tuition privately - which will only cover half of what is currently available.

If the cuts proceed, the ANU School of Music will be in no position to continue supporting the bright futures of creative arts students as it has previously. Vice-Chancellor Ian Young needs to know he's making a grave mistake - show your support for ANU School of Music and sign on to the campaign here.

Reasons for signing

  • The value of music education cannot be measured in $$'s - music is the heart and soul of life and should be encouraged and invested in. Cutting funds to tertiary music education is taking a big step in the wrong direction!