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Save YREC - Business Incubator

Save YREC - Business Incubator

Please save Yarra Ranges Enterprise Centre (YREC), our community business incubator, by stopping the sale of the property of 21 Woods Point Road, Warburton

Why is this important?

Yarra Ranges Enterprise Centres Ltd (YREC) is a not-for-profit organisation, established to support the growth and development of small and micro businesses within Yarra Ranges. Established in late 1998 YREC’s infancy was made possible through funding support from the then Federal Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business, Swinburne University and the Yarra Ranges Shire Council. The success of the organisation has been forthcoming due to the generous support of annual funding assistance from Council, an ongoing lease from the State Government and income earned from leasing office, studio and workshop space.

YREC helps those people in the community who have a great business idea, but often lack the resources and support to get a business up and running on their own. In addition to business incubation, YREC has substantial community support. Local community engagement includes Yarra Ranges Council and groups such as Warburton Advancement League, Yarra Ranges Film Society, Upper Yarra Valley Garden Club, Upper Yarra River Reserves Committee and independent business using the venue to share their skills with the local community.

Reasons for signing

  • YREC helps ordinary people to take a chance on their business dreams. So important in our current economy.
  • Spaces for art provided a valuable resource for communities
  • It's value to our community far outweighs its value to state government


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The Mail Newspaper article on the proposed sell off the YREC site.