To: Redlands City Council

Save The White House Victoria Point

Save The White House Victoria Point

Allow the businesses operating at The White House, 312 Colburn Avenue, Victoria Point, to be allowed to continue operating by granting a change of zoning to 'Neighbourhood Centre'.

Why is this important?

Redlands City Council wants to shut down The White House in Victoria Point! This historic set of buildings is a unique space within the community, fostering a wide variety of local small businesses by providing them with a low cost but high exposure location from which to operate. The community feel and unique mix of tenants is matched no where else in the local area. Tell council you want to HELP SAVE THE WHITE HOUSE!

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered in person by Reg Kaasik (the owner of The White House) and the operators of the various small businesses located there, to the Redland City Council.

Reasons for signing

  • The white household is a lovely, comfortable and friendly place to get your hair done, tax and other things on offer. It would be a real loss to the community if it were taken from us.
  • Julie Ksi.
  • This house is important to Victoria Point and should remain for the Community...The Council doesn't seem to provide what the Community wants anymore it is all about money and profits!!!! sick of it :-/


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