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To: NSW Planning & Infrastructure Minister Pru Goward

Save the Warkworth Sands Woodland

Save the Warkworth Sands Woodland

Dear Minister,
We implore you not to approve the proposed enlargement of RIO TINTO's Mt Thorley and Warkworth open cut coal mines. The enlargement of these mines would mean the certain destruction of the unique Warkworth Sands Woodland. This precious woodland is home to a large variety of endangered plants and animals. Recent changes to NSW State planning laws by your government have all but denied the public's right and means to protect our environmental heritage.

Why is this important?

The NSW Land and Environment Court and the NSW Supreme Court of Appeal thoroughly examined the impacts on the ecology, the number of endangered species, and the impact on the neighbouring residents of Bulga.The findings of these courts were that these projects had ABSOLUTELY NO MERIT. RIO TINTO and the NSW Government ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW !

How it will be delivered

Press coneference and email the signatures.

Reasons for signing

  • The Warkworth Sands Woodland was my home from 1949 - 1970, I am shocked and appalled to think this region is under threat of destruction by the Rio Tinto Warkworth Mt Thorley mine.
  • The projects are too damaging to the environment and the community. The answer is obvious….NO!
  • We have a responsibility to protect all species on this planet and save their homes.


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