To: The NSW Government, NSW Planning and Wollongong Council

Save 'The Stack' in Port Kembla

STOP THE DEMOLITION of the Stack - which is due to happen on 5th September - just a few weeks time.

Why is this important?

The Stack is an established local landmark - highly visible, 200 metres high and can be seen from Stanwell Park in the north to Kiama in the south. It is being demolished on the basis of mis-information about its structural strength. The current owners (Port Kembla Copper) closed their smelter in 2003, so they have no use for it, but a Company, Stack 360 Pty Ltd, has lodged a DA to re-develop the Stack into a Tourist Destination - with lighting show (like Vivid), viewing tower and internal stairway and lift to the top, and Stack Running down the sides (using a harness). THE STACK NEEDS TO BE SAVED, but time is running out.

Reasons for signing

  • This is part of the landscape in Port K. We lose too much character when things like this just disappear. Make it useful again.
  • This ois one of Wollongong's few remaining icons and needs to be preserved