To: NSW Minister for the Environment, The Hon. Robyn Parker

Save the Regent Honeyeater

Save the Regent Honeyeater

Dear Minister

The breeding habitat of the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater is at risk from industrial development. Please create a Regent Honeyeater National Park in the Hunter Valley NSW to protect their breeding habitat.

Why is this important?

Cessnock Council in NSW Australia has just approved industrial development which will destroy part of the bushland breeding habitat of the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater. The Council wants to approve more industrial development.

You can help by asking the Minister for the Environment, Robyn Parker, and the Minister for Planning, Brad Hazzard, to protect the habitat of the Regent Honeyeater.

In recent years our local bushland has been one of only two locations where breeding has occurred. With only 350 - 400 of these shy birds left we have to act now before its too late!

We want Minister Parker and Minister Hazzard to create a Regent Honeyeater National Park so this critically endangered species always has a home.

The previous NSW Government rezoned the bushland for industrial development after lobbying by property developers. Too much of Australia's wildlife has become extinct because of past poor decisions.

Please help us save the Regent Honeyeater from becoming the next Australian species to become extinct.

Please sign my petition.
James Ryan, President of Friends of Tumblebee

Reasons for signing

  • Because its sad too see native animals go!
  • Because i love birds and to see a Bird species become extinct is terrible.


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