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Save the Queen Victoria Market

Prevent the over development of the Queen Victoria Market precinct.

Why is this important?

The QVM is an important source of fresh affordable food in the centre of Melbourne. The changes being proposed by the City of Melbourne will result in its destruction as a source of food security for large numbers of people, and an iconic part of Melbourne's cultural life.

Reasons for signing

  • My late husband and I have enjoyed the Queen Vic Market since we came to Melbourne in 1968. It was the best place in Melbourne to shop and spend time and should NEVER be turned into a glorified supermarket! I still have and use items that I bought at the Market beck in the 1980s. Do repairs where necessary, but please don’t let the Market lose it’s original character and charm!
  • The market is a great tourism spot, but also has a great energy to be around, its so iconic and shouldnt be removed to build another stupid modern building, it is an iconic spot that needs to stay!


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