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To: Simon Birmingham, the Minister for Education and Training



Dear Minister,

The Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) is due to close on 30 June 2016 and no plans for its successor have been announced by the government.

The OLT has influenced how the education role in Australian Universities and tertiary institutions is recognized and supported. It has also promoted collaboration across the sector where learning and teaching innovations have been created and shared, influencing the learning outcomes of students.

The establishment of a new national learning and teaching institute to support higher education has been proposed in Professor Milbourne's extensive report ( Yet, at a time when teaching quality is crucial, there has been a loud silence from the government to establish this new institute.

What we would like you to do is to save the OLT or act on Professor Milbourne’s report to create this new centre.

Associate Professor Angela Carbone
Director of Education Excellence
Monash University
2012 OLT National Senior Teaching Fellow
1998 Recipient of Prime Minister’s Award University Teacher of the Year

Why is this important?

The OLT has promoted Australia's cutting edge higher education internationally. It has also been instrumental in initiating, developing and sharing innovations in learning and teaching that have had a profound impact on our students.

Margaret Gardner, vice-chancellor of Monash University and chairwoman of the expert panel on learning and teaching, said gutting the OLT would run counter to the “government’s commitment to innovation and improvement in the quality and performance of teaching and learning” (The Australian 13 April 2016,

Senior members of Australian universities with the support of thousands of academics know that the OLT is fundamental to the ongoing success of the sector, particularly one that is the first largest service export in the country. Without the OLT, innovations in learning and teaching will not only be compromised but the future employability of our students may be jeopardized.

Reasons for signing

  • Teaching is often taken for granted in higher education. It is becoming more difficult to get education based projects up an running. Science and medicine tend to dominate the ARC. We need a way to fund high quality projects to develop good teaching initiatives and projects.
  • The OLT have provided the funding and support that have enabled projects to go ahead that may otherwise never have got started.
  • The OLT advanced the quality of teaching, and thus of the educational experience for students, at Australian Universities. Its programs (awards, grants, fellowships) made an important difference, and should be continued.


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