To: The Hon. Adrian Piccoli MP, Minister for Education,

Support the NSW DEC Arts Unit!

Support the NSW DEC Arts Unit!

Safeguard the artistic education of students across NSW by ensuring continuity of the programs and events run by the Arts Unit.

Why is this important?

Many of us grew up with the NSW Arts Unit. It is a program that has enriched the lives of countless students across NSW, especially those who now occupy leading positions throughout the Arts in NSW, Australia and across the globe.

The NSW government has been looking at ways to restructure this unit and is considering cutting a number of the crucial administrative staff that work behind the scenes to provide, and organise, creative experiences for public school children. For students in regional areas, events organised by the Arts Unit, and threatened by proposed cuts, are one of very few opportunities to interact with metropolitan students at this high level. These proposed changes would affect the ability of the Arts Unit to provide the wide range of activities that it has in the past.

Mass public support is the best defense a program has from having its funding cut. Sign this petition to indicate your support for the Arts Unit now and into the future. This is a program that should only be expanded and any threat to its operations is a threat to the holistic education of students across NSW. We are deeply concerned by the apparent decision to diminish the focus on the Arts and Arts education throughout NSW for a seemingly short-term gain in cost savings.

Reasons for signing

  • I'm a Music Teacher and have seen the incredible work of the Arts unit. My son benefited from playing in ensembles (violin ) provided by the Arts Unit
  • we need music education!
  • The Arts Unit provides wonderful learning opportunities for students from every background. Without it, many students from disadvantaged backgrounds may never discover their hidden talents in music, drama, public speaking, dance..... Not to mention the fantastic professional development opportunities the Unit provides for teachers.