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To: Queensland Department of Education; Joe Kelly (State Member for Greenslopes); Brisbane City Council; Krista Adams (Local Councillor for Holland Park Ward)

Save the Mount Gravatt Green Space

Save the Mount Gravatt Green Space

Do not develop the Mount Gravatt green space (between Clough St and Middleton St). We want the Queensland Department of Education to:
1. seek alternative staff car parking arrangements for the school;
2. transfer the green space to the Brisbane City Council for designation as parkland for the whole community to enjoy.

Contact us via email [email protected], or on our FaceBook page below.

Why is this important?

The green space between Clough St and Middleton St has been used by local residents for generations as a safe place to have a family picnic, kick a footy, play with your dog and ride a bike. It is also a great place to wander through and watch our local wildlife as they use the 100 year old gum trees. The recent construction of units and townhouses in our local area has also significantly increased the use of this green space.

For our local community this is the only large, flat area of its kind, away from busy main roads that provides a safe place for our kids and pets to play.

The land is currently owned by the Department of Education, and is proposed to be developed into a 40-vehicle staff car park for the Nursery Road State Special School. This proposal will result in increased traffic through our narrow residential streets; the loss of green space and recreation area; and loss of old gums, vegetation and wildlife.

This green space is very important to our local community. Please support this petition and encourage the state and local governments to provide a solution that permanently protects this area from development, and ensures it remains a park for the Mount Gravatt community for generations to come.

Reasons for signing

  • This park is the only flat green space in walking distance to our house. The existing car park is often empty.
  • We don't have enough accessible green spaces in our neighbourhood and there are some really beautiful old gum trees that will get cut down for a CAR PARK!! These old trees are so important for nesting birds and koalas and insects and wee little beasties and because they wave around in the breeze and when the sun goes down, their trunks glow silvery gold in the sunset light.
  • Every day units are replacing homes in the suburb of Mt Gravatt. We have many more people but less green space than ever before. Do we want kids to grow up playing on a bitumen car park, or in our beautiful green space? Please show your support to help save our park for future generations.


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