To: The New South Wales Government

Save the Menindee Lakes Animal Sanctuary

Save the Menindee Lakes Animal Sanctuary

Overturn an eviction notice issued to the Sanctuary on 8 February 2016 and take all required steps to protect the interest of the MLAS in the land it has occupied for ten years.

Why is this important?

If the eviction notice is not overturned, over 100 animals will be left at the mercy of recreational shooters and left without the proper care provided by the MLAS. The MLAS cares for orphaned joeys and other native wildlife and also serves as a sanctuary and rescue home for abandoned, abused and neglected livestock (goats, sheep, cows, pigs) and similarly abused domestic animals (dogs, cats, birds).

Reasons for signing

  • Last year we had the pleasure to meet the couple who look after the animals at Menindee lake and fell in love with the animals and have total respect for the couple that look after them
  • I'm signing this because Kye and Gill do a service to their community and also because they need a fair go. Animals don't have a voice and they need protecting.
  • What is wrong with this world when red tape and bureaucracy prevents empathy and compassion for animals. Our government should be applauding Kye and Gill and helping to continue their work, not ripping it out from under them and potentially exposing the animals to harm. I am disgusted but I believe in magic and pray this will lead to a place of more joy for you both and your beloved creatures. xx


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