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To: Minister for Education James Merlino



Please Minister Merlino reconsider you decision to stop funding the Laverton Link Centre. The Centre helps some of the most at-risk young people in the Western Suburbs. It has a proven track record of success. This makes no sense. These kids need our support to ensure they don't slip through the cracks and they go on to fulfill their personal potential. You are a family man and we implore you to reconsider this decision.

Why is this important?

The Link Centre is key in turning lives around for those kids who have struggled in our normal school system. These are bright, special kids who sadly have faced difficulties due to bullying, trauma, mental health issues or come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This program works. Centre Manager Rasheel Kaur said that out of 41 students enrolled last year, 38 per cent went on to do year 11, 33 per cent undertook vocational training programs and the rest returned for another round.

Rhonda Collins, manager of Altona-based youth homelessness service Latitude, said it made no sense to close a centre with a proven track record. “It is the only alternative education setting that young people … have access to in the area” -“It’s a proven model, it has a high retention rate, young people have re-engaged back in to mainstream schools.”

If we don't catch these kids at this vulnerable age there is a high probability they will never reach their full potential. It is crucial this centre stays open and continues it's important work.

Reasons for signing

  • This is insane; a proven success story that provides a fantastic opportunity for young people that wouldn't thrive in a different setting. To have such a place threatened with closure is so short sighted.
  • The Laverton Link Centre has been absolutely brilliant for providing opportunities for development of necessary life skills for all of my children over the years.
  • How else are kids at risk going to get an education. They need schools with special skills to help them.


2017-01-25 18:38:59 +1100

We've had a win - thank you to everybody who got involved to help us save the Links Centre !

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