To: Tertiary Education Minister Mr Peter Hall

Save Auslan TAFE Courses

Save Auslan TAFE Courses

Dear Tertiary Education Minister Mr Peter Hall,

We wish to ensure the continuation of comprehensive high-level Auslan training.

Why is this important?

The Victorian state government have cut the TAFE budget by $300 million. As a result, Kangan Institute has stated that it can no longer viably run the Diploma of Auslan, and is closing its department in December 2012.

This Diploma is the only of its kind still available in Victoria, and the only officially recognised qualification which provides a professional pathway to Auslan interpreting and education. This foundation of skill is vital for people to be able to work within the Deaf community at a consistent professional standard. If we cannot attain that level of proficiency, the level of the service provided to the Deaf community will decline devastatingly.

With the closure of this Diploma course, students can no longer attain the qualification necessary to progress to post-graduate interpreting and education courses, leaving us without interpreters or teachers of the Deaf and other relevant and integral professional positions in the language, education and disability sectors. Eventually this would lead to the closure of those post-graduate courses entirely, and cut off the number of professional interpreters, in a state which is already under strain with interpreter shortages. Overall the result would be a devastating setback in the rights of Deaf people and their access to unobstructed information, communication and services by means of reintroducing a severe cultural and language barrier.

The provision of a full-time Auslan course at Diploma level is necessary to continue upholding Deaf rights and access. We wish to ensure the continuation of comprehensive high-level Auslan training.

Please note that this petition can't be submitted to parliament as an official document. An official hard copy version can be found at Please print, sign, pass on and send it to:

Save Auslan Courses
c/o Deaf Victoria
Ground floor, 340 Albert St
East Melbourne 3002

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Reasons for signing

  • I believe this course is integral for people to be able to learn sign language and become interpreters for the people in our community that are Deaf.
  • The deaf are aforgotten members of our community and they are entitled to first class assistance the same as any other person in need. For too long they have been marginalised and penalised for their disability. Time to say no more
  • I started this course six years ago, but could only complete six months of it due to personal circumstances. I am desperate to go back and study it, as I am very passionate about the language. Please bring it back.