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To: Moyne Shire Council

Save The James St Cyprus Trees

Save The James St Cyprus Trees

We the signed want the Moyne Shire Council to Stop the destruction and removal of the Cyprus trees outside south-comb caravan park James St Port Fairy.
These tree have been there for generations are are an icon avenue of historical significance.
Leave our town history alone you are ruining all that people love our quite west-coast town.

Why is this important?

This avenue is of Historical Significance and save the Cyprus Trees on James St situated between Campbell St and Ocean Drive.

How it will be delivered

By mailing

Reasons for signing

  • All around Port Fairy is a bleak tree less landscape for many kilometers. The James Street Avenue around the caravan park has a particular beauty, and I think their life span could be extended using modern arborist techniques. It is time we changed our way of thinking about old trees - time for old trees to be revered and preserved with care.
  • James Street is now bare from recent tree removals. It will take at least 10 years for the new trees to mature, if they survive. The smart thing to do, if removal is required due to old age, is to plan ahead and plant young trees that can grow whilst sheltered, and stagger the removal of old trees. Maybe speak to Lorne, and Camperdown as they seem to have planned ahead for their trees.
  • I love the trees ... I love the arch it forms that leads you to the beach ... I'm not a fan of cutting trees down ... I live in James street and think the street looks dreadful now since the trees were removed .. council have attempted to replace them now 3 times ... unsuccessfully... and at much expense ... so I don't hold much faith in their assurance that new trees will be put in the place of the ones they destroy


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Thanks Guys and Gals for signing this petition I have had contact from Samantha Dunn State Member from the Greens Party she will be contacting the Moyne Shire Council requesting more information on this and stay tuned for her Report.........Thanks Paul

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